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Wealth Management Process

Our sole purpose is to create financial independence for our clients, their families, their business interests, and employees.


We work without proprietary constraints, and in synergy with your individual situation to develop a personalized financial strategy that is designed to assist in achieving your financial create, protect, distribute, and transfer your wealth to help achieve your retirement goals, and legacy vision. We accomplish this by providing our clients with a level of service that meets, and I believe often exceeds their expectations. We accomplish this without any potential conflict of interest by being independent. We accomplish this by installing personalized wealth management strategies, ensuring accurate compliance processes through LPL Financial Corporation, and through financial soundness in the following areas:                

—Argus Company, our independent market research firm that creates analysis based striclty on corporate financial fundamentals, not to substantiate proprietary products.                                                   

—Access to investment alternatives from across a variety of financial channels, and asset sectors, allowing for quality client investment choices.                                                                        

Fields of Expertise & Resources:


Advisory Accounts, Separately Managed Accounts, Common & Preferred Stock, Bonds: Government, Municipal, & Corporate, Unit Investment Trusts, Exchange Traded Funds & Index Funds, Mutual Funds, Alternative Investments: Multi-Strategy Funds,  Real Estate Investment Trusts, Business Development Companies, Master Limited Partnerships, Environmental & Social Responsible Investing, etc. 

Retirement: Individual & Business                                         

Rollover IRA's, 401k’s, 403B, Defined Benefit Plans, SEP, SIMPLE, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, etc.

Insurance: Personal & Business                                             

Term & Permanent Insurance, Annuities: Fixed, Indexed, Variable, Immediate; Long-term Disability, Long-term Care, etc.

Education: College & Informational Seminars       

529 Plans, Custodial Accounts, Coverdale Plans

Employer/Employee Investment Seminars, Client Seminars, etc.        

Estate Planning & Trusts              

Estate Planning Process & Trusts, Heirs/Charity Legacy Wealth Transfer 



Focusing on Our Client: Client Profile

          Our client’s wealth, for which we are a fiduciary, often has been earned through a lifetime of entrepreneurship, and/or corporate diligence. 

          This wealth is often created in many places, as the average person changes jobs and companies often in their corporate lives; and/or creates, then sells a successful business, each position inevitably having a separate retirement plan; e.g., 401k, IRAs, Pensions, etc., each plan with many investment alternatives.         

          While this wealth has created many blessings for our clients,    it also poses many challenges and concerns.  Their wealth

Investment decisions made  earlier in life are often disparite, without a cohesive wealth management strategy.  Investment decisions made earlier in life may not have been revised, and can often carry far too much risk, without the proper diversification necessary to take them through the stage in life they are currently in, nor to last a lifetime. 

            Our clients ask us to help secure their lifestyles by creating for them a lifetime wealth management strategy that they need not concern themselves with on a daily basis—freeing them to enjoy the lifestyle they envision—to travel, or sail, untethered from day-to-day financial concern—and, just as importantly, to assist in creating their legacy for their heirs and charities.

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